Pool Resurfacing

The Pool closed for the season on September 25th to prepare for repairs and re-lining. We hope you enjoyed the extended pool season for 2016, as the pool is usually closed after labor day.

The pool reline to fix cracks in the floor, prevent leaks, and restore the tiles is normally required about every 10 years.  It has now been 20 years since the last re-line, so this work is overdue.

The re-line cost was budgeted for 2016, but was postponed until fall due to the early pool opening in May. The pool is our primary recreational asset and it is important that the board and staff take good care of it.  The contractor was able to start work on Monday, September 26th, 3 weeks ahead of schedule, to take advantage of the nice weather.  The work will continue for another 3 weeks. During this time, Holly St will be periodically closed to thru traffic.

The work is being performed by a qualified contractor who also repaired and re-lined the pool at Double R ranch this year.  They were very pleased with the work performed by the contractor.

We look forward to our pool being in top shape for next spring and for many years to come. Thank-you Don Brown for arranging this work, and to your staff for their excellent service in maintaining our pool.

-Mike Van Geyn - Communications and By-Laws

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